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Faith, Style, & Confidence Without Limits

At Chrisma, our love for Jesus Christ is woven into every stitch of our Christian apparel. Our faith-inspired Christian clothing encourages every believer to have jovial conversations about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Shop our latest fashion collections, T Shirts About Jesus, Women's Christian T Shirts, Men's Christian T Shirts, Christian Sweatshirts. You are bound to find something you love for your expression of faith. Now you can share your deep-rooted love for Jesus with all who are open to receiving its gift in the most fashion forward way.

In an ever-changing world, we work to keep our love and support of Jesus’ promise constant. That is why a portion of every sale gets donated to hope filled Christian charities like World Vision and Compassion International.

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T Shirts About jesus

Express your heart with our T Shirts about Jesus and spark those fruitful conversations about the Good News. They are meant to enlighten all who seek the true love of God. Dress yourself in faith.

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How we are improving lives

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world vision

With a passion in helping to overcome poverty and injustice for families and communities all over the globe, World Vision is a high impact Christian based organization aimed at empowering communities while demonstrating God’s unconditional love.

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Compassion International

As a loving advocate for the welfare and holistic development of children, Compassion International is improving the lives of children in Jesus’ name. Their commitment to Christ is evident in all that they do to improve the futures of our most vulnerable.


I am so pleased with my shirt. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product!!

Felicia T.

I highly recommend this brand and their products. I feel great wearing their products knowing they have me in mind! I will buy again.

Patricia S.

Awesome brand, thanks for the apparel guys. Fits perfectly.

Mike P.